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About us

Our history

Mauro has twenty years experience in research and development for leather chemical companies.
Marco has built his know-how by working in the most important tanneries of our leather district.
In 2008 we decided to join our different background to create Edelchem and from the very beginning we developed an excellent range of chemicals for leather finishing.
Thanks to our knowledge we have consolidated our presence in local and foreign market.
We have created cutting-edge shoe-upper articles mainly using water based waxes ( with good reactivity for burnish; waxes with filling and greasing properties ) that are now our company’s strength.
Over the past few years we have developed a new range of chemicals for leather goods achieving a good balance between the natural look of the finished articles and the high standard of physical-chemical resistances that are nowadays requested by the fashion brands.

In 2017 we acquired the company CHIMICA TOSCANA that boasted a well-established know-how in tanning and finishing of precious skins (crocodiles, reptiles etc ).
Thanks to this company takeover we have extended our range of chemicals including the wet-end products.

Our project has been since the very beginning to give a noble and charming look to a born-poor but totally natural material like the skin.

For this reason we created Edelchem: Edelchem noble chemical.

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Our Team