Esperienza. Innovazione. Ecologia.


Edelchem has developed new technologies that make possible to join the three fundamental characteristics for a leather product:

- Ennoblement of cheap and born poor materials

- Natural touch and look

- Compliance with the request of most important fashion brands, in total respect of the echological side of the process.

All these important aspects have to meet also the necessity of having high standard of physical-chemical resistances.

Therefore, Edelchem has been researching chemicals, oils, waxes, fillers and sylicons to be used in the first part of our project and resins and polyurethanes that successfully complete the creation of valuable articles.


  • Specialization in waxes and oil

    Since ancient times waxes and oils helped the leather handworks to resist ageing and to become more and more beautiful. We got inspiration from this ancient skin nourishment.

  • Chemical - physical resistances

    The global market of leathergoods must guarantee high standard as far as the product resistances are concerned.

  • Crocodile and reptiles

    A a thirty-year know-how in research and development of chemicals for wet end and finishing of precious skins such as crocodile, pitons, ostrich. Lizard and so on.

  • Vintage effect

    Inspired by the past fashion trends but also by the past workwear style, we use the latest technologies to confer an old-age effect to modern and confortable leather products.

  • A long time experience with an expert staff

    35 years' experience has helped to create a professionality and a passion in our team